Synopsis: RISING SUNS EPISODE 05_“Lost and Found”

One Line:
Dan struggles to cover his hotel deal and buy the 5G company but the Italians are making things difficult. Rachel leaves to be with her sick father and Nicole steps in to take her place and advance her own agenda.
After the triumph and tragedy of the gala, Rachel leaves to be with her ill father in San Francisco. Sammy is still awol in Montreal. And Dan needs to raise another hundred million to buy Waveload, the 5G tech company he’s been given instructions to close on. But he has to buy the hotel in Niagara first. Finally, he has to deal with the fallout from his affair with Fang is in town and her demands to stay in Canada and have Dan support their child. Dan negotiates with Fulvio and closes on the Niagara hotel. Then he negotiates a side deal with Waveload to stagger the close and stave off immediate financial disaster. He then embarks on an attempt to refinance the hotel so he can cover his debts. Unfortunately, Fulvio and his large Italian family own a number of hotels in Niagara and put the squeeze on Dan by discounting their rooms. His new hotel takes a huge revenue hit – so big that the bank considers pulling their original loan. The only bright spot is Nicole, who arranges a lunch with the Minister of Tech as per Dan’s instructions from the consulate.