Duration: 43


EPISODE 1. “THE CALL” - check back to find out how to watch the full episode.

An amazingly wealthy Chinese immigrant family making waves. But those waves sometimes come back to haunt them. Dan Sun can’t wait to go back to China and attend his business and his lover. But the vicissitudes of life, the politics of China and the antics of his family all conspire to keep him away from his goal.

The myth of the “perfect children” is quickly shattered as we find Nicole Sun trying to manipulate her father into buy her an extravagant luxury vehicle. Mother Rachel Sun is consumed with keeping up the appearances of the Sun family – organizing charity events with her rich friends and getting the Sun’s wealth featured in a popular magazine.

Meanwhile the Sun’s son, Sammy crashed his I8 and is in big legal trouble, as he needs lawyer Zachery Moses to work his magic and save him. On the same time, the Sun’s become tangentially involved in an immigration case hoping to help a distant relative, Mr. Liu, to avoid deportation back to China. Unfortunately, Mr. Liu may have a tape that would prove highly politically embarrassing and cause the family trouble.

A trigger has been pulled and a slow chain of events put in motion. As the Suns search for their new identity, they will be haunted by the old ways of the country they left behind.