Duration: 43m54s

Rising Suns Episode 06_“The Circle”

One Line:

Sammy returns and Dan takes him under his wing to teach him the business, much to Nicole’s chagrin. In the face of disaster Dan concocts a bold plan to save himself from the Italians and his Chinese masters.



Sammy returns from Vegas and Dan takes him under his wing – including him in some of his meetings to try to teach him the business. The only way for Dan to get out of this mess is to make a bigger deal. But he learns that the banker Ying in China is running a scam with the tech company and trying to squeeze out millions for himself. This is the source of Dan’s financial misery. Dan concocts a bold plan which unexpectedly sees him team up with Fulvio to refinance the hotel at a huge premium and screw over the banker Ying. Dan is at great risk himself, but Dan cuts a deal with the mysterious 3rd Secretary Li from the consulate to protect himself and Dan comes out the other end a little bloody but looking like the saviour. But he’s made enemies in China now. And they will haunt him…