Duration: 43m54s

Rising Suns Episode 03_“The Prodigal Sun”

One Line:

Dan returns to China to try to get his money out but discovers that all is not as it seems with Ye Ye and his banker Ying. Dan tries to stay out of jail in China while Rachel tries to keep the family together and find a good hotel for Dan to buy in Canada.



Dan Sun arrives in China to try to pry money from his connections at the Chinese bank. He is also faced with complications from Fang, the woman he is having an affair with in China. Dan meets with Ye Ye and the banker Ying and discovers that they’re only giving him a fraction of the money they previously agreed on. In addition, the mysterious Wang of the MSS keeps showing up and dropping ominous hints that the pressure on Dan will only increase. Meanwhile Rachel is feeling increasingly isolated and alone – Sammy has gone AWOL, on a wild spree up in Montreal, because Emma dumped him, while Nicole is preparing to leave for London. Rachel is witnessing the fragmentation of her family and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Dan narrowly escapes arrest in China and returns to Canada but is tasked with doing a favor for Wang. He must arrange a party and invite a number of high-profile Canadians as well as members of the Chinese consulate.