Duration: 42m54s

Rising Suns Episode 02_“The Cage”

One Line:

Dan’s China trip keeps getting delayed. Zachary and Sloan race to delay Mr. Liu’s deportation while Dan and Rachel try to come together to get Sammy off the hook.



Dan’s China trip keeps getting delayed. Rachel tries to keep the family together and struggles to find a way to repair the growing distance from Dan. Nicole tries to help Sammy patch things up with his girlfriend Emma, who was actually driving the car when it crashed, not Sammy. But Sammy is intent on protecting her. Dan’s lawyer, Zachary Moses, comes up with a plan to save Sammy but Dan will have to negotiate with Emma’s father, who isn’t all that impressed with Dan’s wealth. Dan and Rachel are no fans of Sammy dating Emma either but they find common ground with her father. Zachary works to keep Sammy out of jail while Sloan Camden tries to keep Mr. Liu from being sent back to China. But to help Mr. Liu Sloan needs to find an enigmatic videotape taken from Mr. Liu when he was arrested by Border Services. The tape has disappeared, but Sloan manages to save Mr. Liu at the last moment. Dan finally hears from Ye Ye – through a shadowy figure named Wang who knows a great deal about Dan’s business – it’s safe to go back to China now. But trouble is percolating.